Wednesday, June 25, 2014

This post was a little bit different because this was taken right after my dental operation.
And gadd! it was really painful. uuggh! Look how awkward my smile is!

But anyways,you know guys how much I love blogging. That is why rain or shine,sick or not sick, I will just push through! Blogging is my life and I enjoy doing it. I remember before when I was not yet a blogger,whenever I have problems or difficulties,I just cry, I don't have any outlet to release my emotions and feelings. But now,with the great help of my blog,I manage to overcome hardships. That is why STYLEDOM is my BFF! :)

top and hat: forever 21 | shorts: ripples | necklace: aldo | pointy flats: tonic | tata bag: fashion cravings | rings: dainty craft

As for my ootd, as I have mentioned,I was sick this time. So I have to wear a comfortable attire. My top is breezy paired with a high waist bolt shorts from RIPPLES BY JENNY. Which is soft in material so it's agreeable to wear. Accessorize with a necklace to cut out the simplicity of the top. 
Gave it an accent with a nice studded hat.
 and my fave,the tassle tata fringe bag from FASHION CRAVINGS

Ooohh this midi rings! This is courtesy of DAINTY CRAFT. It is adjustable so you can wear it on different styles on your fingers!
 I adore mostly the fish ring! Cutey right? Thank you Dainty Craft for this!

"Reach for your dreams,don't let stubbornness bring you down! wink*"

xx,mommy jaq

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