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Sunday, May 11, 2014

An epic proof that I'm so not over with summer!
Some of you are already done with your summer getaways. As for me,I'm just starting!

Pool side scene at the One Tagaytay Place. It's an infinity pool. The view is just amazing!

Bow bikini top is from RIPPLES BY JENNY. It's such a cutey! :) The good thing is that it can be also be worn as a midriff top on a casual summer day. 
Just wear high waist bottoms and you're good to go! This is also available in many colors that you will surely love! 

The floral flounce skirt is from VETUS SHOP. It made the look the girl floral peg I'm nailing! :) I'm impressed on how the material and print made the combo of comfort and style! Wore it with a bow top,it made it more girly and sweet! :) Thanks Ms. Kat for the lovely skirt! 

Playing with the cold water under the sun can be so much fun! ahihi! :)

Pardon me for my piggy body. To lazy to go into the gym lately,and you know how it feels so good to eat! Yum yum! But like what I have always tell you guys,It's summer! go flaunt your bod! As long as you carry it well,there is nothing to worry about. Be confident and feel great about yourself!

"Confidence is the key to true beauty."

xx,mommy jaq

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