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Monday, May 19, 2014

I always think of the short vacation I had last time. It was relaxing. Before, I don't really go into vacations,because I thought it's expensive and tiring.
But now I know why people really spend money for those relaxing getaway sprees.

Here,I'm donning the gorg maxi dress from BEAUTYFORDABLE. It is garterized at the waist area,it will fit all sizes! The length is also just right to fit!
 The material is also conducive for the hot climate. They are also offering a lot of styles and designs that are in to the fashion trend! Thanksy love for this! :)

Accessorizing for me is the highlight of an outfit. It can make or break the ensemble. It can turn an ootd into a fabulous one
or you might end up a fashion victim. Which is bad! The tip in accessorizing,don't over do it.
As much as possible,stay on the theme you would like to portray,like if you want to go for edgy,use metallic accessories,for boho,tassles and fringes are the best! For girly,pastels and florals are a sure win!

For this look, a free spirited boho theme is the one I would like to nail. The dress is already perfect! Accessorized with the necklace from SHOPAHOLIC AND HUBBY made the impression of  boho peg,it is because of the tassles and beads! As for the footwear, bow sandals from THE PINK SHOP completed it!
The colors matched. It's comfortable,that is what is important. Stylish yet comfy!

dress: beautyfordable | bow sandals: the pink shop | necklace: shopaholicandhubby | sunnies: lovetoshoppe | buri hat: forever 21

"Never give up on something you love doing. Keep believing and pursuing."

xx,mommy jaq

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