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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Being sensitive about what others may think of you is not bad,
 but when it consumes your spirit,well that is the question.

Lately, I have been receiving not so good feedbacks on how I'm as a blogger. But like what Ms. Camille Co,top fashion blogger once quoted, "That is why I'm a blogger,not a beauty queen." very well said. This is exactly how I feel. Some people bashed me that I'm not pretty,slim and the like, in short,I'm ugly to be a fashion style blogger raw. But hey, Don't you know what blogger really means? You don't have to be perfect. Being a blogger is just how you express yourself,through travelling,make up,food, etc. and for me,fashion. I compile all the looks I have gathered through my fashion diary which is my blog.
So that when I'm already old and want to get back on how I was before,my blog will be my all time inspiration that I can pass on to my daughter and grand children.  I'm not aiming for people to like my blog or to be fond of it. I just want them to be somehow,be inspired on what I do and what I write about. 

Moving on with the look for today, wore the lace top from GANGANDGLAMOUR. It's flowy and its fits just right for a summer ootd.
It's also color white which invited the breezy feeling. Accessorized with a pearl headpiece from CLAIRES.
The look is inspired by the mermaid sequel "Dyesebel" Did I nailed it? 

Back to what we are talking about, Our weaknesses are the soul key to overcome all our insecurities. You want know why?
This is because we use them to do better and be the best! Pushing yourself too hard is also bad. Just chill,and reach your goals with much confidence that you can do it! Believe in yourself, don't let other's miseries pull you down.

top: gangandglamour | skirt: forever 21 | headpiece: claires

"Using your imperfections as your tools to win this battle called life will take you to the finish line!"

xx,mommy jaq

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  1. Naku Ms. Jaqui don't let your bashers affect your life. Sikat or not, we all have those people that will bring us down. As long as, alam mo na hindi naman totoo lahat ng sinasabi nila, and wala kang ginagawang masama, go lang with whatever it is that makes you happy. You have your family, friends, and us (readers) who believe in you! Fighting! Haha :)