meet inidie!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

I want you to all meet my new friend Indie! It's my first time to ride a horse,at first,
I was frightened,but when the ride goes along,it was pretty fun!

Donning a long kimono, and take note,it's my favorite color! Mint! haha :) 
This is courtesy of GLITZYGLAMSHOP. It complemented the aztec details of the swimmies! I love it!

Having so much fun wearing my CESAPH swimwear, been wanting to sport something like this for summer! And atlast,here it is :) 
I must say,I'm impressed with the high quality and finishing of the product. It also versatile,it can be worn as a one piece suit or here, 
a two piece high waist swimwear. Thank u love for this!

swimwear: cesaph | long kimono: glitzyglamshop | buri hat: forever 21 | sunnies: h&m

And so I think me and Indie are best friends na! :)
 She is so mabait,unlike the other horses,they are kinda wild! 

Last weekend was so much fun! I had the time to relax,and do some family bonding. 
We all enjoyed the short weekend. I hope this happens frequently. I miss my sisters so much. :(

Taking time to shut off or take a break is important to rejuvenate your spirit. It was so relaxing just staring at the beach,
the sunset and the feel cool of the breeze. Gaahh! I 'd love to go back to Paradise!

"Relax,chill, and feel blessed. Because you are."

xx,mommy jaq

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