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Sunday, May 25, 2014

My day so far is not that good. But I know that's how life is. Not everyday is a good day. 

I have this bad habit of being bored,though I must admit,I'm not even close to being spontaneous. But I want to be one! As in,seriously!

But before we go to that story,let me just walk you through the ootd. Wore this outfit for a day with meetings and work.
The top is courtesy of RIPPLES and the aztec origami skorts is from STILES CLOTHING. The top is lace, I opted to pair with a different kind of print ensemble which is aztec to achieve uniqueness and statement. Print on prints can definitely give that kind of impression.
They are both stylish and gorg. Perfect match!

top: ripples | skorts: stilesclothing | sandals: fashion paranoia

The sandals from FASHION PARANIOA is pure love! I admire the style and how it is made.
It's very light and comfy. For a day at work which requires a lot activities,and yet you have to be fashionable,this babies are a sure win to go!

Back to my story,sometimes we feel that life is unfair,but I always remind myself on how we are blessed.
The Lord gives us things that we don't even pray about. Like waking up every morning with food,shelter and family.
Reminding ourselves of the simple things we have will make us happy and satisfied.

"Appreciate small things,in that way,we will be truly be happy."

xx,mommy jaq

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