i want to grow up

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I remember Pauline told me when she was still little that she wants to grow up na and be a doctor. At first, I told myself that this is just a common thing for children,but when I asked her why? She told me that she wants to take care of me because I'm sickily.

But now, still,she wanted to grow up,but wants to be a teacher. That is totally fine with me. As a mother, I will support her all the way. 
As long as she is happy, I will be right by her side.

I guess for me, Pauline turned out to be a fine young lady. I hope that whatever is in store for her in the future, I know that It is the will of God. 
I always pray that her future will be bright, there is nothing more important for me in this world but for her to have a good life someday. 

We want to thank SISSY SHOPPE for ther cool swimwear, It's a 3 pcs swimsuit. She liked it very much!! It's comfortable and pretty! 
Those where the exact words she told me! By the way guys,they are on sale! Grab those swimmies at 399/set only! :) check them out HERE.

And so, one proud mom here!! :) To all yah single mom's out there,I can only say this...

"Life is not perfect,but your child is. They are blessings from the Lord that we should treasure.
They are our inspiration."

xx,mommy jaq

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