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Thursday, May 8, 2014

A nightmare for a blogger,Your memory card got lost! And each and every photos of your ootds and ganaps where all there! Phoew! How bad can that be! Too bad it happened to me a few months back,I tried to retrieve files but it was hard and tidious!
Good thing I have some photos of Pauline's ootd on my hard drive. Pheow! :<

 Moving forward,these shots where taken before we went out to find some essentials for her birthday last April. 
We opted to wear comfortable and stylish ensembles. Here,she is wearing a loose muscle tee top from STYLE HUB
paired with a plaid skorts from BELLEVOUS. The perosnal fave of mine,plaid prints! gaahh I'm so addicted to them!
The combination was cool and awesome! Suits my daughter's personality perfectly!

Look how the top complimented her skin tone as well. Plus she told me that the material is very light and breezy! Its perfect for the hot summer season!
 It is ideal for the active lifestyle of a teenager like Pauline. You know how playful and active they are! Pauline is like a 10 year old kid with a 18 year old mind haha That is why shirts like this is her personal fave. We love it. :)

top: style hub | sneakers: vans | skorts: bellevous 

"Right attitude builds the soul of a human being"

xx,mommy jaq

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