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Friday, May 2, 2014

Ahem Ahem. So I have been trying to make new and unique ootds.
This is I guess the leading one! haha don't yah think??

A photoshoot inside the bedroom is something that I haven't done before.It was exciting and fun din pala! 
Lakas maka "FHM" haha! I do hope I can pass one!

The outfit is comfy and chill chic style. The top is from Forever 21,which by the way,I got it on sale! wooot! And the flounce skirt is from THE URBAN HOUR. The brand is from ZARA. The details and design of it is so pretty. I will definitely wear it again for another set of OOTD. 
This is also available in different pastel colors. Own yours HERE and get to have the latest and hippest trend for fashion.

top: forever 21 | skorts: the urbanhour | watch: rolex

Pardon me for the amateur poses,I'm so not into the pro zone! haha But you know what, I had do so much fun doing this pictorial. 
My photographer and hmua were all laughing while taking photos. 
Hmmm actually,I don't know why they are laughing their hearts out during that time,maybe because I look awkward? 
Now,that gets me intrigued. hehe :) wink*

"Laughter is the best remedy for all pains. So do it often!"

xx,mommy jaq

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