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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The feeling of being free spirited. That is what I want to be. But my personality is that I'm a worry freak. I always worry on everything,and I hate it!
This time,I want to manage it by relieving myself with stress. This blogpost of  mine will share some of my ideas and insights on how to manage it.

I have always been a  person who is happy and chill, but when stress steps in,it really consumes me.
For me,it's how we look at it,each and every challenges we encounter.
First,we seek out the symptoms that we are in toll of a huge stress. Here are some of those:

1. You can't sleep(insomnia) or you sleep a lot.
2.No appetite or stress eating(binge eater)
3.You can't focus.
4. Irritable.

There are more symptoms however,these are the common ones that we usually encounter. Now,after seeking out the symptoms.
Next step,it's how we manage and conquer stress.
Stress factors are in many forms,It can be little or small,like traffic,the noise around your neighborhood,your job,family and much more.

In order for us to conquer stress,discover what really bothers you,and If you can,do something about it. But if the stress factor is beyond your control,
then that is the time to just accept it and let go. Pray hard because it works.Trust,pray and don't worry.

Let me just walk you through the outfit I wore for today.The trousers is from PERFECTFIT SHOP. It's very comfortable to wear. 
The print is plaid,which is my fave! I can see more ootds of it wearing it! I just imagine it donning it with flip flops,tank top,boots and a shirt!
haha excited about it! 

top: topshop | plaid trousers: perfectfitshop | pointy heels: thrifted | bag: forever 21

Back to our Stress relieve 101,  The main key for it is acceptance. If you learn to accept life's craps and realities, It will feel alot more better.. 
Second,is to make the situation more brighter. Always take a look on the positive side of everything. Because everything has 2 sides of the story.

Third, is to pray hard and let Him do the rest. As long as you already did your best, 
nothing will fail in good faith...

Stress will just make us look old and grumpy. So take life easy. Hey,it's only a bad day,not a bad life. 

xx,mommy jaq

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