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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Have you ever wonder who is the "real" writer behind this blog? It's been a while,and ever since, I'm writing about other things,people and the like.
Now,I will reveal the real "me" 30 facts you need to know about ze blogger,or perhaps not know?! haha I hope you guys won't judge my foibles! :)

1. I'm a shopaholic. I can't resist sales and good bargains.
2. I sleep with the lights on.
3. I can't cook,except pasta.
4. I don't read books,hence, I watch National Geographic channel for knowledge power!
5. The only Korean novela that I loved and watched over and over again is Boys Over Flowers.
6. I have back pains due to bad posture.
7. I have a no rice diet.
8. I have OCD. (obsessive compulsive disorder)
9. I love watching Disney movies.
10. I'm allergic to seafood.

11. My mom is my best friend.
12. I have trouble in sleeping (insomnia)
13. I love pizza.
14. I'm a Psychologist.
15. I'm a protective mother.
16. I love dogs,specially roe roe.
17. I prefer salty foods over sweets.
18. I'm a coffee lover.
19. I love mint.
20. I have eyeglasses,but I don't wear them.

On a note, Wore an outfit with an edgy theme. Asymmetrical dress from PURETRENDZ. It's ideal for a stylish everyday look! Camouflage sling bag from FLIPPED OUT COCKATOOS is a versatile piece. It can be paired with a relaxed or a modish ootd,like what I did here. It can also be used as an Ipad bag. 
It's sturdy and has foam inside,your gadget will definitely be safe. Every fashionista gadget geek must have!

dress: puretrendz | shoes: tonic | hat: forever21 | bag: Flipped out cockatoos

Last 10 things about me..

21. I'm a gadget addict. Can't last a day without checking my instagram.
22. I dream about OOTDS. strange,but true.
23. I want to be spontaneous.
24. When I was a kid, I was a "chinese garter champion"
25. and a jackstone champion too! haha
26. I'm short tempered.
27. I'm a loner,I have few friends,but real ones.
28. I don't know how to play any musical instrument. But I want to learn.
29. I'm a routine oriented person.
30. I'm a frustrated photographer.

So there! You have it,30 things that practically describes myself.  What do you think? How about you? Do you have confessions too? 
Tell me! I would love to know! See yah around! 

xx,mommy jaq

P.S. the 31st fact about me: I LOVE BLOGGING! :)

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