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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Looking young when you age is a bit of a concern specially for us women. It's not that I'm bragging about it but  since I started blogging and got public about my age and status, I was frequently asked on what is my secret in looking young. Today, I will reveal my secrets! teeehhee! :)

Honestly, I don't have a secret formula. Just 5 things that I always do or remember in order for me to feel young inside and out.

First, FEEL young. Age is just a number. I'm turning 35 and I don't put that in mind. I just feel carefree! Do what makes you happy and contented.
I know life isn't perfect,but acceptance is the key. Accept your flaws and use it as your tool to be inspired to do better!

Dress APPROPRIATELY. This doesn't really point out that you have to dress your age always.
If you can don a look that will  make you look young then why not? Accessorize with the "teen stuffs" like a hat,headband etc. like what I did for this look.
Always feel confident in your OOTD then surely,you can carry it gorgeously! Dressing up appropriately means that you have to know your limitations.
Get to be familiar with your strengths and weaknesses. Emphasize on your strengths and hide your weaknesses. For example, If you have broad shoulders,wear tube or halter tops to accent it. If you have big hips or thighs,avoid body contouring pieces like tight short shorts and skirts.
All that stuffs are to be learned through experimenting. Spent a day doing a wardrobe rehearsal. Fit and try out clothes that will make your figure flatter and of course,make you look younger! wink*

Third tip for looking young is to take care of your skin, Skin regimens like cleanse,moisturize and tone is essential for our skin care.
Cosmetics that have UV protection and moisturizers are the best products to go for! I personally use Mac and In2it for my everyday foundation or powder.Always wash you face before slumbering. Apply moisturizers after cleansing to avoid dryness that leaves your skin dull.
 Drink lots of fluids atleast 8 glasses per day,this will help wash out toxins in your skin and helps it to be healthy  and have that pinkish glow!

Live  HEALTHY. Eat veggies,fruits and healthy food. Throw away those junk food in your diet. This will help your skin glow young! My diet is a no rice diet. I substitute it with bread for carbo loading. Drink lots and lots of agua! specially for this hot summer season. We need to hydrate. Exercise regularly.
I must say I'm lazy in hitting the gym,so what I do is DIY. Infront of my laptop,using youtube as my gym instructor, I do routines for calorie burning.
 I particularly do this exercise video HERE. Do it 2 to 3 times a week,the minimum. Get a lot of rest. Sleep atleast 6 to 8 hours per day.
This will help your metabolism to be faster,therefore burn those calories in a flash!

top: vetus shop | skirt: style hub | heels: trunkshow | headband: forever 21

Let me just segway on my ootd. For a young look,sported this bow headband to accent the ensemble. The colors of the outfit also made it vibrant.
The tangerine top is from VETUS SHOP. I love the material of this item. Its spandex and thick. I must say,it's high quality.

The lovely skirt made the impression of nautical. Summer is really in the air!
You can also pair this skirt with your bikini top and hit the beach! Which by the way I'm thinking of doing. hehe This is courtesy of STYLE HUB.

Thanks so much for these pieces love!

Back to my tips,last but not the least. Think POSITIVE. Believe me, for the past 34 years of my life, I had the worst! From being broken hearted, got pregnant at a very young age,being a single mom  and the unwavering insecurities that I must face each and every day.But this did not stopped me from reaching my goals. Count your blessings and less of your adversities. Stop worrying because this really gives us wrinkles! Stay away from worries,stress and just be happy and contented. It's a matter of choice. If you choose to be happy,then you will be. Live a stress free life, as much as possible,take a break, everyday, give 10 to 15 mins of meditation. Deep breathing and yoga can help. Studies show that taking a break from everyday stress help reduce aging.

I hope these tips will help you guys! I appreciate all questions and comments on my blog so feel free to jot it down below. :)

"Feel,young and be young! That is just the secret."

xx,mommy jaq :)

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