oh my gee!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hello weekend! Here's another post donning a summer ootd!
What else but to wear loose tops and florals for summer!

Wish I can be at a solemn and calm place like the beach soon! I need to rejuvenate and find myself.
At this certain moment,I feel lost, don't know if I will quit on things that I'm doing right now,just torned. :(

top: copykat | sunnies: mixnmatch | shorts: bellevous | bag: forever21 | sandals: topshop

Summer looks is incomplete without your sunnies. This is courtesy of MIX  N MATCH.
The quality and design is impressive. Own one of yours and believe me,it's worth it!

Moving on to my ootd, wore this top from COPYKAT. This is perfect for your summer looks!
The material is breezy and the prints made the impression of a happy season! The good news is it's now up for a giveaway!
We are giving away the exact top plus a nautical maxi dress. Cool right? Want to own one? Join HERE.

My old time fave,the white origami skorts from BELLEVOUS. I have been wearing it for several ootds for quite some time now,
and yeah,it's not obvious that it's my fave! haha Thank you Ms. Bhim for this! You can check them out HERE on facebook.

As I have mentioned earlier,I'm in limbo right now. My inspiration is my daughter. She is the only one that can make push forward.
Achieve my goals and dreams. And of course,my friends,family and God. I know this is just a phase in my life.
Then sooner or later,all things will be in the brighter side.

Coz I'm happppppyy!! when I'm with my unica hija Pauline. :)

"Your child is every mother's gift that you can always cherish."

xx,mommy jaq