minty breeze

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What a refreshing way to start a summer day wearing pastels! It feels so cool and breezy,so agreeable to the hot weather! :)

Wore rompers for today's look. It's my fave color mint! This is courtesy of  BELLEVOUS. Pastels and florals are so into the trend for this season. 
It gives us the feeling of breezy and carefree. This is also perfect for your summer getaways! Its comfy and fashion forward. 

Accessories are essential to accentuate the outfit. It gives the "life" of the ensemble. 
Look how this pearl necklace form SHOPAHOLICANDHUBBY made the look a bomb! It's also high quality. 
I just adore it! Thank you so much for this loves!

Of course,the summer ootd fave! INGGA SANDALS. You can design many styles in this one pair! 
  I have created 8 styles and I enjoyed designing it! Grab yours too! You'll never regret having ingga sandals in your shoe collection. :)

The floral cape kimono from SWEET AND SAVVY CLOTHING is a darling for this ootd. I was so comfortable wearing it. It gives drama to the ensemble. 
This can also be worn as a cover up for your bikini.The print is floral that is why it suites the summer theme we are aiming for! 

kimono cape: sweetandsavvyclothing | sandals: ingga | rompers: bellevous | necklace: shopahaolicandhubby

To cap off this blog post of mine, I just want to end it with something I learned. Happiness is always a choice. 
Don't depend it on material things or people arround you. Your'e the only one that can make it happen. 
Every morning, when you wake up, and you choose to be glad,I'm sure you will be,just a thought.

xx,mommy jaq

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