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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Life is mix of bitter and sweet. I just want to share something to you today. 
It's about moving on..

 For the past few days,I have been encountering some "love problems" that is shared by my friends.
It's about staying behind the relationship or moving on without looking back. Personally,I had heartaches in the past that lead me to realize and learn many things. First, you should always think of respect. If a guy respects you and your love ones,he is for keeps,but of not,think it over! 
Second, love yourself. before you expect others to love you,you must first love yourself.  Trust is also an important aspect in a relationship. 
As long as you love each other,all of these will set in.

Acceptance is also an important recipe for a lasting relationship. Hey,let's get real, we can't change a person. 
It's a matter of accepting who they are as well as accepting your own imperfections too.
If you can handle the flaws and foible of your love one,then go for it. But if you can't grasp it, get out before it's too late. 
Just an advice from my own personal experience.

I know we are already having a moment here hihi, but let me just walk you through the OOTD I wore for this day. The top is from GLITZYGLAM SHOP
It's spandex cotton and color white which is versatile and easy to be paired with any piece! Its amazing how it is so agreeable to wear. 
For this look,paired it with a gorgeous skirt from EXCLUSIVE/BEAUTYFORDABLE. The material is very nice and just so pretty! 
I like how the design made my waist look smaller. Thank you so much to the pretty owners of these shop. Hope to see you again.

Looking back to our "love convo", Love can conquer all. But it's how we consider our partners needs. Nothing is impossible with a good talk. 
Continuous and open communication is the key ingredient to a lasting relationship. Don't read each other's mind. 
Speak up and all will be resolved with a nice and calm conversation. Having quality time is also a great deal for a relationship. 
Be sure to spend time with each other to flourish your love and bond.

 Lastly,The core recipe for a relationship is..

"Put the lord at the center of your relationship,and everything will fall into the right places."

xx,mommy jaq

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