hey mickey

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Hey mickey you're so fine,you're so fine,you blow my mind hey mickey!
 The song that runs through my mind while writing this blogpost. heeyyaahh!

Feeling like a kiddo in this outfit. It's so fun and blissful.  Wearing this kind of ootds makes you feel youthful. 
From time to time, it can be nice to wear and sport ootds that will make us look carefree.

It's very ideal to wear dresses like this coz of the humid weather. The dress is courtesy of PEACHYONLINESHOP. It's breezy and fashionable.
Mickey mouse or any other cartoon characters are also into the fashion bandwagon. This is also available in several colors. Grab one of yours! Check them out on  facebook HERE.

dress: peachyonlineshop | plaid hat: manilasundance bazaar | watch: casio | sandals: girls haven

The vera sandals from GIRLS HAVEN is a must have! You want to know why?  First,its super comfortable,like what I have said from my previous posts,for your footwear,comfort is very important. No matter how stylish it is,if it is not agreeable to wear,the pair is a total crap! For this one, Vera sandals is a sweetheart. Second,the style. It's so pretty and stylish. The spikes details made it edgy and classy. The color is also perfect for my personality. 
These are available in several colors! grab yours now!

Told yah, haha I'm a kid today in this outfit! paandar lang! haha

"Live your life to the fullest,you'll never know when it's gonna end,enjoy it like a kid does!"

xx,mommy jaq

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