here comes the sun

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hi again! As usual, I will be talking about how I spent my summer. 
Last week, I had the privilege to have a short staycation at One Tagaytay Place. 

Here are some random photos of their pool area. The infinity pool is awesome! But the water is really cold! brrr! 

Discussing about my summer outfit,wore a high waist bow top bikini from COPYKAT. The bikini top can be donned into 2 styles,first it can be worn with a bow,the other is a plain bandaeu. How cool can that be right?! Covered it up with a kimono top from FOXYCHERRYSHOP. The cut is is unique and stylish,
it can be worn as a shawl on a cold breezy summer night. :)

kimono: foxycherryshop | bikini: copykat | sunnies: mixnmatch 

Accessorize the look with a fabulous sunnies from MIXNMATCH.
 Not only it protects your eyes,it's also a "paandar" thing! I love this sunnies a bunch! :)

I want to share something with you guys, Yesterday, I had the precious time chatting with my reader. She is so sweet and caring. She gave me inputs and ideas on how my blog is running. I felt inspired by her kind words. From day 1 of my blog,she was there,showing her love and support. I want to take this oppurtunity of thanking and dedicating this blogpost to her. Thank you so much Ms. Julie Ann Bonina, for making me realize that there are people who count on me and somehow,I can get to inspire them with my blog. 
No words can explain how precious you are guys to me. You are my inspiration on doing my passion. 
Hope to see you all around, I love yah all! remember that "blessings may sometimes be in disguise,appreciation on things is the key in discovering it."

xx,mommy jaq


  1. I love vacations- always a great time for you to rest up and enjoy life- especially when you're in water! <3 Love your look- the kimono and bow top looks fabulous <3 and it's always great to have dedicated readers who read through your posts and actually take the time to absorb in the information + talk to you! :) I have to agree with her- your blog is amazing and you're such an inspiration! xx

    Chic Nikkie 

    1. aww,that is so sweet of you Nicole! This comment of yours made me more inspired. Thanks thanks!! love yah!

  2. So sweet of you sis. Im so kilig of this post. I will be your no. 1 reader. Lab lots and push mo lang lage yan. Hihi..������

    1. anytime sweetie! Thanks also for the inspiration. Luv u! :)