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Monday, April 14, 2014

What to write today? Totally clueless. No ideas nor thoughts fuel my mind to write up a blogpost today.
What I'm feeling right now is a mix of joy and sadness. Vacation is near but I have no plans on going out of town.
My family wanted to commemorate the holy week with a solemn reflection.

Lovely cutout back top is courtesy of BELLEVOUS. The details of it made it fashionable. It may look like its not comfortable coz you're worried that your brassier will peep out,but no,you can use a bra that has a thin strap at the back.
The tip: use safety pins or double adhesive tapes to make them stay in place. Its adorable and comfy. Thank you for this Ms. Bhim. :)

top: bellevous | skirt: trendstyles101 | bag: gangdandglamour | pumps: zara

I love bags. That is why I'm pleased when GANGANDGLAMOUR sent a package containing this! 
Plus,it's color red! Just the right timing,was looking for the perfect red bag, and voala! here it is!
I must say that I'm impressed on the quality and material of it. It also agreeable to any ootds! Thank you!

The bandana print skirt is from TRENDSTYLES 101. Their acct is from Instagram. 
They will be opening soon but you can go ahead and follow them for more of their fabulous loots!  
Their items are all fashion forwarded and it is also available at affordable prices! They are best buys! Thank you for the skirt sweeties! More power! :)

Back to the observance of the holy week, Some of you my think that it's the time to have fun and enjoy the vaca, not that I'm against that,it's just that in my opinion,holy week is the time to meditate and reflect on the passion of Christ. On how the Lord became our divine savior.
Just a thought, It is okay to spent time with family and friends,but this holy week,make it a point to go to church, and do some reflections.  :)
Spent it in quality with family,friends and GOD.

"In everything you do, put God first,and He will crown your efforts with success."

xx,mommy jaq


  1. aw! super love love everything in this post............ <3

    1. Thank you Lynee! I'm so glad you liked it. :)