Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hi are you up for a another day full of energy? Yes I am! It's been a hectic week. Meetings and work.
 But still, I wouldn't last a day without jotting down on my fashion diary..

Let me just show you what  I wore for work. I had a meeting with a client. At first, I wore shorts because it's comfortable to wear. 
But then I thought,hey this is a meeting so I had to come up with a stylish decent look.

The animal print pullovers made the statement. The material is light so it can be worn though we are in the hot summer season. 
The length is perfect because it's classy and unique. It can be worn with shorts,pair of jeans and will automatically make a fab ootd. 
This is courtesy of HERSHOPPE. Thanks so much for this!

Under my lovely pullovers is the gorg asymmetrical dress from GLITZYGLAMSHOP. I'm impressed on the design and the material. It's high quality and the design is one of a kind. I chose the color red because it complemented my "morena" complexion. Just a tip,its not true that morenas cannot wear bold colors.Actually it will make your skin tone appear more fairer. 

dress: glitzyglamshop | pullovers: hershoppe | pointy heels: forever 21 | hair extensions: cottoncandyonline

Time management is a bit of a challenge for me,but I need to work double time for my daughter.
 As you all know,I'm a single mom, so work,work it is! Good thing I'm enjoying my job.

"No amount of money can buy happiness. Contentment is the key to achieve it."

xx,mommy jaq

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