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Thursday, March 27, 2014

How are you guys lately? I hope all is well. As for me,I'm good but I'm kinda melancholic lately..

As you have read my previous ootd posts,I wanted to achieve something new. 
I wanted change because I know it would be for the better. Change is good specially if you can grow and learn from it.

Let me just walk you through the look I wore. This pretty hearts coordinates is from Peachy online shop. 
I met the lovely owner of the shop from the previous Power sale bazaar.  Her items were as lovely and pretty as she is! 
The coordinates is so fashionable,you can play with it with different kinds of ootds. Wear  shorts paired with a midriff top or a plain tank top for the skirt!
It can be mixed and matched! Cool right? Any shoes can also be donned with it! Flats,sandals,heels or even boots! As a fashion blogger,I know these pieces can be worn and sported in any kind of occasion. Thank you Ms. Peachy for this. For more info about them,click in HERE

There is also a short story about this sunnies,this is a gift from my daughter's friend. 
Kids right now are just so sweet! They gave it to me because I wasn't feeling better that day. 
I do appreciate it so much! 

coordinates: peachy online shop | pumps: primadonna | sunnies: forever 21 

Simple things like that make me smile. I know Life is not perfect and all. 
But at my age,my experiences are far more beyond. So using that tools that I have learned in the past,
I know things will surely come my way.

Live a dream. make things happen not tomorrow,but now.


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