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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Exquisite and high end nail spa where in signature massages has been put together by experts giving the gold standard of relaxation, is now open at the heart of Quezon City. Feel  pampered and loved with Vanilla Mint spa which has opened recently in Panay ave, Q.C.

Welcome to a day of relaxation and tranquility! The moment you open the doors,
an unwinding scent of peppermint fills the air.. hmmm It's so aromatic!

The interior design of the place is very calm and inviting for peacefulness.
It's mint all over! which is my favorite color by the way!

Speaking of ambiance, it's soothing and calm,like you want to be sleeping like a baby forever!
The background music is a compilation of 70's to 80's hits of love songs and jazz. 
I remember back in college, was listening to that kind of music, remember the hit cd compilation "Cruisin" 1,2,3? hehe :) I just love those songs!

Here is one of the VIP rooms where in a couple can savor the privacy while having a full body massage and ear candling, 
which by the way is super relaxing.. It cleanses you inner ears and it's soothing too!
There is also a couch, you can have those manis and pedis in the privacy of your own room! 

The RELAXATION MENU~every service has the taste of deluxe and divine touch.
I must say, Vanilla Mint's services give value to your money. An extra effort and quality service they offer.

The Orly FX gel nail service is highly recommended. The procedure is hassle free. 
The regular nail polish usually takes 8 hours to fully dry up,but for the Orly FX, once its cured,it's dry and done and you're good to go! 
The colors are all so vibrant and shiny. This is the first time I tried gel manicure and pedicure, the experience is so great! 
Until now, I always look at my nails and its beyond amazing. 
It's also long lasting. I'm on my 5th day and still no chips and chaps! It's hassle free!

Usually, a mani and a pedi looks pretty and sassy. But the question is, Is it clean? are the tools sanitized? 
Well guess what? VM has a special sanitation process where in they make sure their instruments gone through sanitation and sterilization. 
It's impressive.

Look how pretty they are! I'm definitely going back to have my Orly fx gel mani and pedi again!

Want to enjoy a sparty? a celebration of relaxation and pampering! 
Bring your friends with you and I'm sure your going to love it!

Give your nails the divine quality treatment, and enjoy a cup for complimentary tea. Where in the staff are all so accommodating and friendly. 
and I must mention this, I'm pleased on how their service staff called me by my first name, "mam Jaqui" I felt the personal touch and care. 
They were also courteous. A two thumbs up!

And of course,the friendly and hospitable owners of the Vanilla Mint spa.
They always make sure their clients are satisfied and comfortable. It's way two thumbs up for you guys! 
Thank you for the VM experience!

The gates of heaven of divine nail spa hadn't opened just yet, but Vanilla Mint have.
 Experience it and spread the beauty. mwaah! :)


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Thank you so much again for having me. It was a pleasurable nail spa experience. :)

Photos by Jordan Go

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