orange county

Sunday, March 2, 2014

For the past few days, was doing a lot of blogger duties. I have met a lot of interesting people..

During those times,some of them asked me a question which affected my persona.
 They asked: "How it is to be a blogger?" the question has several answers, that ran through my mind.First, It is not about the perks,freebies and the events. 
Second,it is not about the people that may admire you. It is about your passion in blogging and sharing yourself to others..
Sometimes, being a blogger may bring a toll on one. 
But we can always opt to use it on a positive way - to somehow be an inspiration to your readers. 
As for my blog,I wanted to reach out to all those women of any shape,size,status and age, that you can always be fabulous inside and out. 
Confidence is always the key on being beautiful,feel it,coz you are!

Placing God first in all the things that you do is fundamental. True happiness will surely set in. 
Your family and friends are your treasure as well.

top: fab2find | skirt: forever21 | pointy heels: ichigo | bag: mango 

I'm just inspired to tell you my insights for the past few days. I hope I can give effect on you guys too! 

For the look of the day,Wore a fashion forward ensemble. A mod top from Fab2find gave the look the oomph since its color orange! 
I matched it with a colorful tribal mid cut skirt so it will complement the stylish look. The top is made from stretchy and quality material so even though its 3/4 in style,it is still breezy and comfy to wear. Thank you Fab2find for this top! Look them up on instagram HERE.

"True and genuine happiness comes from within. It is in your heart and soul.."



  1. I love the print and colors of your skirt! It matches the color of your top perfectly. :)

    1. Hi kenny! nice to see you here! Thank u so much! :)

  2. I like the ensemble! Yes, I agree that blogging is hard specially when you're starting off and learning as you go by like me and that is why it's nice to have known you guys to look up to. I learned that blogging is a medium to express one's passion and that it is a discipline. I also realized that bloggers need be very responsible and committed as they also are influencers and ambassadors. :D It was a pleasure to shoot you last bazaar by the way :) see you sooooooon! :D

    1. It's my pleasure RD! and yes,blogging takes a lot of hard work and dedication. But all is well because if you love what you are doing,it never reflects to be hard. Anyways,welcome to the blogging world! More blog posts to come! :)))

      p.s. hope u can influence jordan to do some blogging too! hihi :))

  3. I'm sure you are able to influence a lot of people through your blog. I like orange as a color as its both simple to look out and also flashy enough to stand out.

  4. Too pretty!!! Love how you styled that skirt! ♥♥♥

  5. well put together mam! i like how the whole outfit turn out!

    1. Thanks andrew! it was nice of you hopping into my blog! :))