mad about sweets cupcake in a jar

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

You know how sweets are! They can totally turn a bad day into a bright and happy one! And that's why we are all "mad about sweets". 
I came across this brand in the recent Powersale bazaar. They introduced their newest product which is the Cupcake in a jar. Sounds interesting? 
Yes! how in the world a cupcake will be in a jar? Well,for a couple of reasons. First,let me just ask you,have you ever experienced eating a cupcake and then after sometime,realized,you are already full? so you will end up storaging it in the fridge,then when you want to munch it over again,its hard and crusty already. This is mainly the inspiration behind the product. The freshness and gooeyness plus the creaminess of the cupcake is preserved in a jar. 
Genius right? You can always enjoy the yummyness of the cupcake anytime! The  jar contains the equivalence of 3 cupcakes. 
The best part of it is it's sooo yummmmyy! I finished the entire jar in one sitting! I love red velvet cupcakes,and this one is the best I ever had so far. 

Look how its creamy and goooeeyy! Ugghh! I just want moreeee!  :)

And ofcourse,the creative juice came out,after finishing the cupcake,you can use the jar into something useful like this! 
A pretty utility jar! Just a little design and style,then voala! A cute piece perfect for your table at home or at the office.  

There is a whole lot more to be fond of this product. And you know what? It's 150php only!
 That is for the jar and the 3 yummy cupcakes! A total steal!

Experience MAD ABOUT SWEETS Cupcake in jar,HERE.

Sweets can solve a bitter day. So go ahead and have a cupcake!


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