let's call it spring

Saturday, March 29, 2014

The motif of this look is summer and spring! Floral details and bright colors!

The floral dress is courtesy of Fab2find. The turtle neck detail made it classy,and that is what I liked about it. 
The material is stretchy, it can fit to any figure and flaunt it! The floral details gave the impression of spring!. I love it soo much! 
Thank you Fab2find for this. I miss our laughs na during bazaars!See you all soon! Luv yah! 
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Summer ootds is not complete with a dash of accessories! How cutey this sunnies from Saccharineshoppe is!
They make all their designs in DIY! How creative right? The floral porcelain digital watch is also a statement for the look. This is courtesy of Tmart.com.
It has floral details that complimented the ootd. It's also so unique! Thank you so much for the summer pieces!
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dress: fab2find | sandals: ingga sandals | watch: www.tmart.com | floral sunnies: saccharineshoppe

Sandals for this season is into the fashion bandwagon. Ingga sandals is such a sweet heart. It has 3 interchangeable straps for different kinds of looks.
Plus, You can be creative in doing a lot of designs and styles! Imagine, having 8 styles of sandals at the price of 1! 
What made it convenient is that an instruction guide comes with the package when you purchase a pair of Ingga sandals! Awesome! 
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Create your summer OOTD with Ingga!

Creativeness,confidence and innovation is the key for a cool ootd! :)


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