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Sunday, March 23, 2014

And so here it is! My very own top! It was named after me!
 I'm so happy and overwhelmed by Bellevous naming this piece after my name. It's so sweet! 

I have been endorsing the brand Bellevous for quite some time now and I must say I'm proud of being an ambassadress of the brand. 
Their items are of quality made and their designs are all so unique and fabulous! 
The moment Ms. Bhim told me that the top was named after me,I was ecstatic! Proud to have been wearing bellevous! 
I also want to take this opportunity to thank you guys for the trust and support. 
I promise that  you can always count on my love and support in your brand as well. God bless always! 
To know more about them,click in HERE.

jaqui top: bellevous | shorts: vetus shop | flats: topshop | necklace: aionline | bag: mango

The arrow necklace gave the ootd the oomph! It made it more outstanding! This is from aionlineshop.
It's a local shopping site where in lots of best buys are in store for you! Accessories can be as low as php 15 imagine that!
Click in HERE to get the chance to grab those steels! hurry now!

The leatherette shorts is another piece that made this look a bomb! This is courtesy of Vetus shop. 
The details of it is mod and edgy. It can be donned for a casual look or even a night at the party! 
Just pair it with a midriff top and killer heels! I'm also impressed on how it's super comfy. 
This is definitely a loot that is versatile and fashion forward. 
Want to own one of yours? Order HERE. Thank you muchy Ms. Kat for this!

Maintaining your beauty is not being "maarte" it's the fact that you just love taking care of yourself.


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