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Monday, March 31, 2014

See? I told yah we love plaid! Such an addict! lol hihi

I remember my good friend Rhea bue hash tagged me #thegirlinplaid 
Now I know why,because I can't get enough of these pieces! haha

Moving on, Wore rompers from LITTLE NOOK. As for the summer season sets in, rompers is one of the trends that is sure to go! 
Its breezy and comfy. We can always be innovative with this peice. It can be sported into a casual or formal look. 
Donn a cover up,wear accessories and experiment on your shoes! For laid back pegs,you can wear sandals and flats,for a more preppy ootd,
wear heels or boots. See how this rompers can be a best buy? You can have more than 1 ootd! Cool!! :)) Thank you Little Nook for this! 

Another timeless classic accessory from PRETTY LITTLE BLINGS
This ear piece is so unique! It's so gorgeous in style and design. It made the look stand out!

rompers: little nook | plaid blazer: sweet and savvy clothing | heels: zara | ear piece: pretty little blings

So into the plaid addiction..My blazer is courtesy of SWEET AND SAVVY CLOTHING. It's plaid! and its my fave so far. You want to know why? 
One thing for sure,it's plaid. second, the material is soft. Even though it's summer,you can still wear it as cover up on those cold summer nights. 
Such a wonderful piece to have! Thank you Ms. Mharl for this!

"A smile is always the best remedy for any trouble,so keep on doing it!"

xx,mommy jaq :)

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