high seas r2r s/s 2014 collection

Sunday, March 23, 2014

High Seas Rags to Riches S/S collection unleashed the freedom of summer with their vibrant colors and style!

In a busy world we live in,relaxation is fundamental leisure. We all need to find time to breathe the fresh air and just feel the wind of the sea shore. 
R2R bags is the best companion for that summer getaway!

The lovely collection of R2R bags. The setup of the event venue invited good vibes and the "beach aura".

The event was so much fun,we had interaction with other guests by comparing our works of arts! 
We had an assignment were in we have to create our own design and style of R2R wallets. 
Our creative juices just went ballistic! It was indeed a fun filled event!

With my blogger friend, Rhea Bue :)

Here we are trying out some R2R bags! Aren't they lovely! 
They are perfect for that beach getaway this summer! 

uhhmm the yummy mini choc moose for pica pica at the event,catered by the Privato hotel.

The style bloggers that are all ecstatic at the affair! We are just having a good time! :)

Some of the lovely guests...

With the events organizers,PR team and the style bloggers. 

This was the first time I participated in an event where in the ambiance was all relaxed. It felt like I'm on vacation in Hawaii on that particular moment.. 
I want to fast forward the time and have the summer vaca I dream of! and this time,I want to go on into meaningful adventures,create new and beautiful stories,and take a Rags to Riches bag with me on my journey,Come on: Let's make this summer count!

To know more about Rags to Riches bags you can email them at Arianne Serafico at yourfriends@rags2riches.ph

Let's go to the beach with an R2R bag! cheers!

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