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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Now who can't resist an eat all you can buffet? Vikings is one of the leading buffet restos in town! 
They have recently opened their newest branch at the SM Megamall,Pasig city.

Vikings has always been really specific and careful when it comes to it's product offerings: fresh quality food ingredients,wide choices of international cuisine, international standard of service,food safety and store cleanliness,luxurious ambiance, exquisite service and value for money. 
I must say Vikings is impressive on how they value their clients as well.

Vikings is also known when it comes to featuring different interiors to encourage our guest to explore the different Vikings branches like a true VIKING! With the new SM Megamall branch, the idea that every dish created by their top of the notch chefs are a "masterpiece" is always emphasized.  
The Vikings guests can freely "paint their palate" with the different "colors" of cuisine on the buffet table,hence, 
the Art Museum theme is projected at the restaurant. 

This is the Japanese food station,look how fresh those sea foods are!

The chinese food station offers alot of dimsums and Chinese cuisines!

My favorite station! Was going back and forth at the Salad station! It soo crispy delicious!

The carnivore station will surely make those steak lovers hunger for more meat! 
The ham is my fave,its so tender and sweet! I love it!

And of course,Filipino food will never be absent! Soo delicious!  

Omg! Chocolate fondue!

And.. The sweet tooth attacks again! I adore sweets! Was torned what to pick!  
Ended up picking everything! My plate was loaded of these sweet delicacies.

The drinks hall is awesome! Specially for the hot summer season! 
Bottomless wine,shakes,sodas,fruit juices,beer and so much more! 

Boasting the largest buffet areas found in the Philippines which caters 500 plus guests and offers more than 200 plus dishes,
Vikings has redefined the standards of dining in class and style. 
Only Vikings buffet can provide you an ambiance of splendor while taking you to new worlds through good food!

 The Vikings team,Ms. Racquel and 2 of their top chefs.

With co bloggers Rhea and Rd.

Was about to head out the resto when we were so surprised on how Vikings can be soo Techy!
Their feedback tablet is so cool! Thumbs up for you guys!

Gather up your friends and enjoy their promos! Specially the Birthday promo where in the celebrant can get to enjoy FREE buffet meal! 
What an awesome gift!

Head up for a "eat like a viking" experience and embark your greatest food adventure yet! 
Be happy,eat hearty and feast like a Viking today!

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Till next food feast guys! much love!


Photographs by Jordan Go.

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