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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wonder why my skin glows lately? It's because I have discovered a secret that truly gave me a royal treatment. 
Now,I don't only feel like a princess,but a queen...

I have came to a discovery of these products when a colleague of mine introduced it.I have been searching for the perfect product that will make my skin radiant and fairer. And at last,I found one! The Royale beauty L-GLUTA POWER soap and lightening lotion really does the magic! The effect is instant! Plus the fragrant is so refreshing. The consistency of the lotion is not thick and sticky but smooth and silky. But what is more important is the effect. As you can see here,I have tried it on my thighs. The left part has no lotion applied,the right side was applied with a little amount of it,can you see the instant white?

More than a regular lotion,It nourishes and protects your skin from free radicals. 
It has a powerful master anti oxidant agent that comes with a strong anti-ageing property for youthful glow! 
It also contains UVA/UVB protection to prevent sun damage.

Let me just share to you my experience about the L-GLUTA POWER soap. I have been trying it for quite sometime now and it really works! It removes dark spots,reduces and gets rid of freckles age spots,and pimple marks. Which by the way, my major problem before because I have dark skin tone,so every time I have a pimple breakout,it results into dark spots. But now,it minimized all those unwanted marks! 
When used regularly,this soap whitens,revives, and nourishes skin to make it look radiant and flawless.

To achieve the best results for a fresh,young skin,here is another ROYALE BEAUTY product that I recommend, 
The Royale Beauty Pinkish Glow cleansing ,brightening toner and the Pinkish Glow brightening and smoothing cream

A combination of innovations in skin brightening science and has superior skin lightening effect that promotes long term skin luminosity and radiance. 
It not only brightens your facial skin but also makes it smooth and free form dark blemishes.

ALPHA ARBUTIN- A natural,safe and effective skin lightening ingredient which promotes superb lightening effect 
and brings a more luminous evenly balanced tone skin.

GLUTATHIONE AND LYCOPENE- Powerful anti oxidants that reduce oxidative damage that occurs from daily sun exposure and other environmental pollutants. The natural red pigment Lycopene imparts pinkish glow to your skin.

UVA AND UVB FILTERS-Act as shield against harmful effects of the sun and protect your skin from future discoloration.

The combination of these natural ingredients makes the Pinkish Glow a safe and effective skin brightening product for daily use.

Royal beauty products I must say are really impressive when it comes to being effective and product excellency. 
The best part of it,It is also recommended for men,Yes! You read it right, the opposite sex also uses these products and they are satisfied with the results! 

For women like me,who are in age already,this is the perfect product! I have never been this glad to a beauty product before! 
I also advise ladies who are blessed with youthfulness and skin radiance to use this. 
This will make your skin even more FRESH,YOUNG,RADIANT AND BRIGHT.

Royale beauty products can be ordered from my colleague Ms. Winnie Del Fonso,
For queries and orders,contact the mobile number: 0915-441-65-95 

Thank you to Royale Beauty for the opportunity. More power and Godbless!


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