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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Before I got the privilege to be invited for Watami's media launch at their newly opened restaurant at the east wing of Shangrila mall in Mandaluyong city,
I have always been a fan of this resto. It's because of their famous delicious beef sukiyaki and watami salad! 
So when I got the invitation from them, I was excited to review and feature my favorite Japanese restaurant.

Watami truly carried the 3 words that describe their food- Fresh,tasty and authentic. Simply that food is served fresh,it's really delicious and original. 
The taste and recipes are unique that made Filipinos discover the wonders of  Japanese cuisine. Besides the rich culture and traditions,
Japan has invaded our food preferences with mouth-watering dishes.

This is the cozy interior of the restaurant. Not only they serve yummy and fresh food,
this place is also a great for relaxing and just having a great time eating together with your friends and love ones. 
Service and crew were excellent. I must say I'm impressed on how the service was fast. 
You can also feel the warmth of the people serving you because they never forget to wear a smile. :) thumbs up for them!

Now, we go to what I ordered and tasted. This is the Watami ramen. 
This is ideal for the cold weather, because if its hot broth. Its so tasty and satisfying.

My personal fave, the Teriyaki chicken steak set. It comes with a bowl of rice and a taste of  Watami salad. One word-delicious!

The Mango snow mountain,the taste is authentic,I have never tasted anything like it before,but it was good!

The scrumptious sukiyaki and self grilled short ribs. Cooked right in front of you,guaranteed freshness in every bite.

Yours truly,enjoying here at Watami! :) :)

With Ms.Lia Cabral ,the marketing manager of Watami PH, and with my co-food bloggers.

With my co fashion and lifestyle blogger, Charlene Ajose.

We definitely enjoyed the Watami Experience! Delicious Japanese cuisine, 
together with a relaxing feel in a bistro with the superb service and good food!  
Two thumbs up for Watami Shangrila mall branch. Keep it up!

To know more about them,you can check out this site HERE.

Till next time styledomers!


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