Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Okay,so who is not excited for prom? This is I guess the best part of being in high school! This is where you explore and breakthrough the girl inside of you! 
In line with this,I will be giving some simple tips on what are the latest trends for the special occasion. I hope this simple tips will help! Here we go!

Gems and blings are so into the trend right now. See these lovely sparkles on your dress with give the look the oomph! 
And as for the prom,which we do like having the best of it,We must sport the prettiest sparkly outfit on that special day! :)

For dresses,flounce hem cut are also in, It gives the ensemble the drama. It gives the illusion of the body being slim and sexy.. 
This is advisable to all body shapes and sizes.

An asymmetrical cut dress is advisable for full curvy body shapes,
this will do the trick to hide the problem areas like the chest and the tummy.

An empire cut dress is perfect for those who have problem with the belly area. 
This will solve the problem because the cut ends right against under the bust area then flows down the tummy,
this also serves as the drama for the vogue.

Whites,golds and silvers are classic,you can never go wrong with it. 
The elegance that bounds by it will surely make your aura the center of attraction.

Metallics. this are into the partyish feeling! 
For vibrant and up to the beat mode,this are the best way to do it! Let's go party!

Clutch bags or small bags are suggested for prom events or the like. A big bag is a no no for this kind of occasions. As for picking the perfect one,you must always consider first,the things that you will bring. I advise that only your essentials like money,cellphone and a lipstick are the ones to be packed up in your tiny bag. Leave all those big stuffs in the car or bring along a paper bag with you so that you can still tag it along. 
Second,consider the outfit,of course, it must match it! The third one is the style! It should be a stand out!

Now we go to the footwear. Comfort and designs are to be always minded. Since a prom event lasts for hours and you will be doing a lot of walking,dancing and so on,the comfiest pair are the best. Blings of course are into the trend,ankle strap heels and unique pieces are also into prom 2014.

The best style tip for PROM is just to have fun! This is the best time to dress to impress! 
Mingle with your friends and strut the party with full confidence and remember,your'e pretty inside and out! Always smile babe!

P.S. If you have any questions,suggestions or comments feel free to jot it down below.

Enjoy the party! FAB FAB PROM indeed! wink** :)


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