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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Referring to a dope,a kind of drug,which is addicting.. For me,my addiction is and will always will be-fashion! Ever since I was a child,I'm inclined to fashion. I remember I had a freak accident because I was wearing my mom's heels at the staircase! The result: I went tumbling down like jack and jill! haha
My arm was cemented cased for a month,but that didn't stopped me from loving fashion. 
Hence,My addiction grew bigger! lol :) It's funny how I started my passion,with a broken arm,weird isn't it? :)

Speaking of fashion,let's go ahead with the OOTD. Wore a comfortable garb for today's undertakings. I'm drawn into snap-backs lately,
I know It's not for my "age" but I just want to feel young inside and out! As I usually say, "fashion has no limits!" agree? I hope so!

The comfy and fashion forward silver shorts matched the silver bejeweled sneakers! I love them both so much! It's stylish and yet it can be super agreeable to wear! These are from Pure trendz,the shorts. And the silver sneakers is from Appetite shoes. Thank you so much for these ootd pieces! Will be doing a lot of them soon! You can like Pure trendz HERE and follow Appetite shoes HERE. Swear,the their loots are the best! :)

top: forever 21 | dope snap-back: greenhills | accessories: robinsons galleria 21 | shorts: puretrendz | sneakers: appetite shoes 

I feel free spirited! and..I don't care! I love it! by Icona Pop. :)  harhar! LSS mode!

Feeling young and happy is the secret to a contented and carefree life. Positive auras that I always think and practice.. I hope you will too! Smile, always my dear! you will never know who is falling in love with it! ~ wink*


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