2014 trend alert

Monday, January 20, 2014

It's better late than nevaahh! This post should have been pinned up early this month,but was hanged up with  a couple of concerns. 
Anyhow,I have been receiving emails about what are the fashion trends for 2014,that is why I took a moment and did my researches.. 
And this is what I have come up with..For this year,we will be seeing a lot of patterns,textures and prints! 
Dominant colors are still black and white. Though we will be still catching the favorite color of last year which is teal or aquamarine. 

Aquamarine was the trend last year. The refreshing colors of mint and teal are still to be glanced for the fashion bandwagon of 2014.

The classic black and white. Crispy clean white and the elegance of black is on top of the fashion forwarded pieces for this year.

The flounce skirt craze was introduced last year,but it still the hottest pick for bottoms for 2014. 
These skirts make different kinds of illusions, depending on its hem cut. 
The hips is the main emphasis. It makes it bigger,making it do the trick,a sexy and voluptuous body frame.

Plaids are introduced to the fashion trend. It is no longer exclusive for table clothes and school uniforms! Naa-ahh! 
It is one of  the searing trends to be seen this year! These prints are playful and stylish,It can be worn for a casual attire or for corporate settings. 
We will be seeing a lot of these patterns and textures hitting the fashion vogue.

Another modish print: florals! This is classic. Maybe some of you are thinking that florals are just up for the summer season.
Florals is always present actually,all year round! The girly note of it makes it the lasting fad for women.
Being creative with your accessories and footwear mainly does the trick!
For footwear,boots are also in! When you see these pairs,it can be scary,yeah,you might think that it's only for the fashion fervor. 
This time,we will change that! boots can be worn for casual attires like shorts and sweater tops,it can be styled and be paired with a dress too! 
This is one trend I love for this year, we can create a lot of  modish OOTD's wearing them! 
And last,but not the least,the ankle heel straps. This shoes is eternal. It can be matched with skirts,dresses,shorts and even skinny jeans! 
Wearing them automatically makes the look elite,fashionable and chic.

Fashion forecast of 2014 is all about being innovative with stylish patterns and ensembles. There are no restrictions to fashion.
As long as you carry out yourself well. Confidence is always the key to any glam OOTD! This will all be transparent in what you are flaunting in any look. Its not about the brands,the price of the clothes you wear,but its how it is sported. Just be yourself,express your ideas and fantasies through fashion..
Having fun while mix matching and doing your dress rehearsals in front of a full view mirror is the best part!
And remember,don't over do things..Keep your "style image" intact and I'm sure you will never go wrong.

I hope these tips for the fashion trends of 2014 helped you guys!
For any questions,comments or just anything! Feel free to comment down below..
Thanks again for sparing your time reading my blog..Catch up with you next time!


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    1. hi Julie! haha nice to see you here! Anyhow,My web designer is Kenneth Manalad :) see u soon girl! :)

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    1. Thanks girl! glad u liked it! I will be featuring tips every now and then :)