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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Had a busy and rough month,week and days to be exact. This blogpost has been a hiatus. 
But it's better late than never right? So here it goes.. 

An outfit for a day with meetings,mommy duties and blogging. Of course! blogging will never be left behind! 
I always make it a point to do OOTD's when ever and where ever I had the chance.

The skirt. The vertical lines made the illusion of me being slim and tall,though that's really not true! haha I'm only 5'3 in height,and my vitals? naahh! never mind! Anyways, the maxi skirt is from Simone's closet. The semi flowy material of the piece made it classy and savvy. I want to thank Denise,my co blogger friend for picking me as your model for the their "free spirited collection." where in I wore this lovely item. You can go and check their beautiful creations HERE
Again,thank you so much girl! :)

The necklace. This is a unique and another hand made with love piece from La Nina Fashion. The circular design made it very pretty. It will definitely make an outfit stand out. As for my look,the red color of the accessory complimented the black and white chrome of the whole outfit. La Nina Fashion also offer a variety of creations you will surely love. Like them on facebook HERE to know more about it. Thanks so much guys for the pretty necklace. More OOTD's soon! 

The top: This is from Style Stunner Manila. The great thing about this online shop is that their items are exclusively designed and manufactured in high quality. Plus the fact that the team behind it is very accommodating and nice. 
Ms.Penny is one of the friendliest online shop owners I have met. 
Thank you again guys for this fab top! More about them? Like them on facebook HERE and follow on instagram HERE.

The shoes: It's from Girl's Haven. The design is patterned in the famous Valentino heels. Though this time,it is flat...meaning? super comfy! haha I had it on my feet for like 8 hours with no aches and pains! A girl's haven indeed! 
You can go ahead and see their stylish shoes on instagram,HERE.

To end my blogpost, just want to end it with a quote: "Being fashionable doesn't mean you have to be glam and pretty every time. Just always wear a smile and everything will be fabulous!"