yellow glow?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Entitled this blogpost "Yellow Glow" because of the color of my skirt. Isn't it obvious? haha lol and "glow" because during this time,it was a gloomy day, I wanted to make it glow like the sun by wearing something bright and happy!

Paired the yellow skirt with a houndstooth turtle neck midriff top to compliment it.

Wearing full midi circle skirts can be tricky. The shoes that you will wear must not make you look small. The best footwear to go with this ensemble is high heels. It makes the illusion of  being taller and slim. The material is jersey so it sways just right. 
It also has garterized waist line so it fits all sizes. It comes in many vibrant colors too! 
You can have this adorable skirts at Danielleonlineshop. Follow them on instagram HERE.

houndstooth top: bellevous | clutch bag: dorothy perkins | heels: mossimo | circle skirt: danielleonlineshop

Then again, my top is love! It's from Bellevous. I love how it hugs just right! and the print..gaahh houndstooth! my fave! Bellevous offers a lot of pieces that will surely satisfy your every fashion need!
Thank you Bellevous for this. Like them on facebook HERE.

The best photobomb ever! tricycle! haha :) lurve it!

Trials and mishaps are all part of life. People or situations might bring us down. 
What matters is our faith and how we deal with it. Be inspired and feel blessed. Because you know what? you are!

Have a nice day!


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