Venus Optical-Sissy shoppe Product review

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My product review for today is all about dramatic eyes! Yes, the eyes are the windows to the soul. 
I have been using contact lenses for quite some time now. My eyes have grade and my doctor advised me to use lenses.I opted to use the colored ones since it will enhance my eyes. I'm using the gray shade. But now,for my review,we will try something new.Venus Optical Clinic through the endorsement of Sissy Shoppe was very generous on sending some of their products for me to try it out.Thanks guys! Anyways, I want to share to all of you how it turned out. 

My eyes without any lenses. Bare and naked. We will then apply this lenses which is color violet. The brand name is Tru colour, its diamater is 14.7 mm. This is also known as the "doll eyes" lenses. It comes with a kit and instructions. It's also carefully sealed for sanitation since we are going to apply it on our eyes.

This is how it looks like when I wear the violet lenses.

Now,we are going to try the brown lens. The brand name is Mingaloo. It's 14.3 mm in diameter. 
It also comes with a kit and instructions. Sealed for sanitation as well.

This is how my eyes looks like in brown lenses.

For comparison,from left to right: naked,without any lenses,then violet,then brown. Personally, I prefer the violet one cause it compliments my skin tone. For those of you who are afraid in using lenses,don't be. It's safe and easy to use as long as you follow your doctor's advise. Contact lenses will make a big difference on your face's aura. I recommend it specially to those who have their eyes graded. It's a double purpose actually. For beauty and medical sake. :) Any questions on how to use them? 
Feel free to ask us! For more details about Venus optical shop,you can contact them at 3223738. 
or you may look up Sissy shoppe on facebook HERE for more details. 
They also offer eyeglasses,frames and much more at a low price! 
Thanks again for dropping by my blog!
Till next product review!


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