the minimalist

Monday, October 21, 2013

The minimalist. This is the outfit that expresses my personality. I'm into simple yet classy looks actually.

Wore this ensemble for a meeting with a client. Opted to wear something formal and decent since they are corporate people. 
I don't want to look snaggy and rubbish in front of them. I cannot close a deal if I'm wearing something like that right? 
and besides,It wouldn't be appropriate.

A dress that is comfortable for a long day at work. The length is just right so It can flatter my legs and not look lousy just like a house dress. Just a tip,wearing dresses 2 to 3 inches above your knee will give the illusion of making you look taller. :)

Oooh..The Amanda tote bag from Flipped out cockatoos is love. The material is sturdy yet it's so light to carry. 
This bag is durable. You know why? I have been carrying it along with my gadgets in it,my laptop,chargers,
plus my personal kikay stuff are all there! But it was never deformed nor had a sign that it's going to be worned out. 
You know what I mean? The material I can say can never be torned or in tagalog."bakbak". It's really high quality made. 
The good thing about it is that it's super affordable and very stylish! 
Thank you so much Flipped out cockatoos for this. I love it. Like them on facebook HERE and follow on instagram HERE.

Accessories made simple. A watch and a stoned ring to achieve the minimalist aura.

dress: greenhills tiangge | ankle strap heels: mossimo | bag: flipped out cockatoos | watch: rolex | ring: mango

Wearing heels can also make you look smarter for an event or an important meeting. 
Yeah, I know heels can sometimes be uncomfortable to wear,but if you can get the hang of it. You can pull it off. 
Start with wedges or 2 inches heels first then pretty sure,you will get used to it. 

By the way,just want to share..My blog is 1 year old already! Thank you everyone for all the support! 
I hope we will have more years to come! Luv yah so much guys!


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