Smookata grand opening at tiendesitas

Thursday, October 24, 2013

And here we are! Smookata's grand opening at Tiendesitas in the heart of Pasig City. This actually the first in the Philippines. Smookata is a great hit in Singapore and other Asian countries.  

Let me just tell you about Smookata. Its is found by Mr. Jason Phua and Mr. Bernard Abellar. They are very close friends. 
In Singapore,they always go in a Mookata place near their office and soon became their fave spot to hang. Mookata is Thai for Pork Skillet,it's more commonly known as Thai barbecue. Unlike the regular barbecue that its grilled,Mookata is cooked in a shape liked dome with a shallow trench on its margin of broth. Grilling begins with a piece of pork fat placed at the apex of the grill. This serves as the source of oil followed by meat or seafood. And so the Mookata meal cooking begins..
 As soon as Mr. Bernard arrived here in the Philippines, Smookata had its full throttle.
 Opened the branch in the Food Village in Tiendesitas, Pasig city.

A happy crowd during the blessing rights of the restaurant.

The ribbon cutting mentored by the owners and elite guests.

Yours trully and my co blogger Ms. Bella Morcen,thank you girl. :)

The Authentic Thai Ice tea. This drink is very unique in taste. It savors the flavor of tea and its so refreshing! 
A must try when you get to visit them! 

This is one of the plates in the menu when you get to have everything! shrimp,squid,meat and liver.
You can also add up vegetables,eggs and broth.

There are steps on how to cook Mookata.
First,pour the broth on the mookata trench.
Second,pick the piece of pork fat and gently wipe it all over the warm grill.
Then place it at the center of the pan.
Third: Place veggies into the already warm broth. then add eggs, seafood and noodles(optional)
Fourth; Place the meat or seafood onto the grill.
Fifth: ENJOY your Mookata meal!

It's time for desserts! This yummy treat is called Mango sticky rice. Its a must try! 

Another is the Thai Red Ruby, It's made of gelatin with a twist.

Me,trying to cook my very own Mookata meal! 

Mr.Alvin Patrimonio graced the event with his presence and he is definitely enjoying too!

And were full! burp! The food was very tasty and satisfying and yet so healthy! No msgs,no salts,no fattening oils! 
Smookata is ideal for health buffs out there! And oh maybe some of you are wondering how much a mookata meal costs? 
Its super affordable! Prices ranges from 325 pesos(complete mookata meal for 2pax) up to 900 pesos(complete mookata meal for 4pax) For healthy,affordable and thai food experience,visit them at the Food village at Tiendesitas. 
You can also like them on facebook HERE.

And so that's it! Till our next visit to Smookata. Thank you guys for having us!
More power and cheers!

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