red velvet

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Red velvet. The name of a cupcake that I'm addicted to, besides blue berry cheesecake. Lately, I'm always craving for these 2 desserts. I can't think of any title for my blogpost and I'm eating this sweet goodies right now,then come to think of it,hey,my skirt is red velvet! In an instant,a title popped in my mind! haha  :) 

Wore an edgy combined with a classy theme on my OOTD today. The top is a muscle tee top so it's more of a edgy/sporty peg. I wanted to mix it with a classy touch. A red velvet with high slit is the piece that completed my look. 

Black,white and red are the best colors to be combined to achieve an edgy and sassy look.

Yeah,my shoes looks big but it's not,I guess it's the style lang tlga?! hehe

top: nana clothing | skirt: vaintage shoppe | random rings: forever 21 | watch: fabchic shop | heels: topshop

Like what I have mentioned in my previous blogposts, Muscle tees from Nana Clothing is superb. The material is high quality plus the print as well.  Thank you so much guys for this. I have a collection of your super fashy tops na! weeee! More power! Like them on facebook HERE!

I just love my red velvet skirt from Vaintage shoppe. It has a high slit on the left side that gave the piece the sassy style. 
This skirt comes in different colors too! Discover more about Vaintage shoppe on facebook HERE

By the way,wore this for work last weekend.. Speaking about hulas mode again! I need to raise money for my daughter's tuition fee. waaahh kayod mode for mommy again! haha But it's okay,because I know that it's for my child's future. 
Paging my daughter Pauline: Pls,study hard. :)

At the end of every trial,there is triumph.



  1. Red and black are perfect complement and nice that your hair tone matches your skirt.

    1. Thank u so much Franc for always dropping by my blog.will drop on yours too! :) Godbless

  2. Red top and black skirt,looks like a princess..... :)

  3. whew! super fashionista. i love your muscle top! :)

  4. I love your ensemble dear! Black, white and red definitely is a perfect combo.
    It looks good on you since your hair reminds me somewhat of a red velvet cupcake as well.haha :)
    Keep posting hot mamma! :)

    -xoxo, FRANCES