Lime light shop's novelty items:review

Monday, October 28, 2013

Lime Light Shop is a unique online shop that caters novelty and assorted items that is very useful and convenient. For our product review, we will be tackling 3 products. The MINI IRON, LOW BACK BRA STRAP and the HAIR BUN TWIST.

First, The MINI IRON . Yup! you heard it right! it's so mini and handy perfect for travel. It can fit just right in your luggage. 
This is actually my personal fave. 

Here, a piece of crumpled cloth. We will be using the mini flat iron to see how it works! 

See how small and tiny it is? so cutey! Yup it's working! The light went up and its the iron is getting hot!
This is the sample of the crumpled cloth a while ago,look how straight and flat it is now.

These are the photos of the before and after. Just for comparison. And yeah,two thumbs up for this product! :)

Second, the FASHION FORMS LOW BACK BRA STRAP. This is very useful to fashion fervors out there.

The package comes in 3 different colors. black,nude and white. So no worries for matching the colors of your brassiers. 

Let me just take you on how to use this product. First, you have to pin the locks at the end of your bra,after that, you will put it infront and criss cross it back then lock it in front again. Pull it downwards to the desired fixture you want. And that's it! 
You can use backless tops,blouses and dresses! Hmmm again this is my fave! 
Yay for this product! No more bra hassle dilemmas! :) 

Third product is the HAIR BUN TWIST. Here are the things you need to create the pretty bun!
Comb,the hair bun twist and an elastic band.

Step 1: If your hair consist different layers of length, I recommend you secure it with a ponytail using an elastic band. Otherwise,ignore this step.

Step 2: Place the hair bun twist at the top end of your tied hair.
Pull hair to the existing gap of the bun twist. Then press the intervals for further grasp.

Step 3: Lift both ends of the hair bun twist until the end of the hair.

Step 4: Hold both ends of the product then roll it spontaneously.

Step 5: Adjust to your appropriate tightness as desired and bend both ends into the circular shape. 
Gently toggle hair backward to cover the exposed part of the product. 


Thank you so much to LIMELIGHT SHOP for these products. 
It's very useful,convenient and multipurpose.We love them!

For more of their items. Like them on Facebook HERE.

Till next prod rev!


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