going around in circles

Friday, October 11, 2013

Another favorite. Full midi circle skirts! Big thanks to this skirts,
we can totally move around freely like circles! Make sense? naaahh!
But anways let's get into the outfit of the day.. 

The outfitey is on a bit of a girly note. Matched the colors teal,white and gold to achieve it's classic aura.
Let me just tell you something about the pieces that I'm wearing. This is actually a set. It's a midriff top and a circle skirt. 
This is from The Sweet Cloth. Thank you so much Ms.Loren for the pretty gift. The material of the top is very high quality. It's not suffocating and all since it's tight fit to your body. It's breezy and you can move freely. As for the skirt, it's also high quality made and the color is vibrant! It's my favorite color too-teal! The good thing is that though it's a set,you can opt to use it on different looks and pegs. Just match it with different pieces. 
It has more designs and colors to choose from! Like The Sweet Cloth HERE.

The Amanda tote bag is also one of a kind. Flipped Out Cockatoos is one of the online shops that offers bags and shoes that are very affordable yet quality made. I would like to thank you also for this fabulous bag...
This has been my partner for the past few days. It's sturdy and the color matches well at any outfit that I can think of. 
The compartments of the bag also allows my super kalat thingys to be organized! haha 
They are also available in many colors and you can also have it customized! More about these bags HERE

midriff top/skirt: the sweet cloth | amanda tote bag: flipped out cockatoos | chain belt: mango | celine ankle strap heels: chestbox

A new baby to be added on my collection..The celine sandals from the Chestbox. Again,this darlings never failed me. 
It's super comfortable to wear. I feel like a princess wearing them! (feeling lang haha) The shimmer details made it super stylish. I'm thinking of getting the silver one too. I guess I'm already addicted! 
Chestbox can be looked up HERE. Thank you again guys. More power! 

Pardon me for the super maarte poses! haha Princess lang ang peg ko talaga today! Pagbigyan! harhar!

Can't thank you enough for always taking time visiting my blog.. Take care always!



  1. Cute! I love your skirt and I really like your outfit here! You don't look 33 btw! :)


  2. The color scheme of your outfit is so light on the eyes and as always, you carry it so well.

    1. Cant thank you enough Franc for always taking time to visit my blog. And your comments always make my day! :) More power to your blog as well! :)

  3. Love this ensemble!
    Ang lakas maka-fresh.
    Ang cute mong tingnan!
    I love the skirt as well because of the color mint! :)

    -xoxo, FRANCES

    1. Hi Frances,So nice for you to drop by my blog.. Thank you sweetie!! Godbless to yours too! :) :)