a little bit of pink

Sunday, October 6, 2013

A touch of colors will surely make an outfit stand out. Pink,when it's put up together with plain colors like black or white
it will make the outfit stand out. Don't you think?
So in this ensemble I created, I matched fucshia pink and with a pinch of gold with colors black and white.

It's simple yet classy. Maxi skirts paired with a midriff top will make the look balanced. This top is trending right now, it comes in many designs and styles. This one is from Wardrobe kisses. The material is cotton and light. It's very breezy to wear. 
It's also stretchy that's why it hugs just right in your chest area. Thank you Wardrobe kisses for this! Follow them on instragram HERE and like them on facebook HERE. for more of their best and fab buys!

top: wardrobe kisses | watch: fabchic shop | sandals: flipped out cockatoos | maxi skirt : apartment 8 clothing 

Hmm what can I say about this pair.. Adorable and comfy! Yes! 2 words! Trust me,you can wear this cute sandals forever!  
I remember choosing what color should I get from the rack of Flipped out Cockatoos during the bazaar,I got the pink one coz it's stylish. But now,I tried walking for hours wearing this cutesies,I will definitely get all the colors! By the way it's available in colors violet and green. Thanks FOC for this! Like Flipped out Cockatoos HERE. for more deets!

Matched the colors of my hat and my footwear just to make it interesting. Once I had read on a fashion article before, that when it comes to fashion,it's best that you make sure that one or more of the pieces your wearing are of the same color or hue. 
This will make the look on a bit of the same note. :)

Really showing my "battle scars" ha?! Pagbigyan! teehee! :)

So we came to an end of another look by yours trully.. I hope you like how I document my fashion outfits on my blog.. 
I'm also thinking of putting up interesting tips and features that you my dear readers would like! 
I would really love to hear from you! Email or just comment below. :)

ciao for now!


  1. super love the look! x0 ~FashionTravels ~ www.tauyanm.com ~

    1. Thanks maryjane!! :) will visit your blog too! :)

  2. gorgeous outfit
    follow each-other on GFC? let me know please

  3. You look great and nice combination of the pink top and shoes and black outfit.

  4. The touch of pink really adds some spice to the look :)