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Monday, September 2, 2013

Hello! and yes we are back! Me and my daughter doing an outfit post! I'm so glad she's already getting the hang of it. 
I can see in the near future that she will be owning this blog of mine na..hihi :)

For my outfitey, wore this ensemble for the Bazaar for all seasons 3, Were some of my blogger friends had their booths and loots! 
I will be taking you there on my next posts..

Opted to wear a bare shoulder top to compliment the maxi skirt. 
As a fashion rule, balance your outfit. 
When your top is already showy, you can match it with a conservative bottom. 
But then again,it's really up to the person,the important thing is that you feel good and comfortable on what you are wearing.

Accessorized it with a statement necklace to give an oommph to the look.

A reliable stylish flats can never go wrong during this kind of events.
The shimmer details of this maxine sandals made it fab! 
This is from Ichigo shoes co. Thank you so much for sending this gift for my blog anniversary. I truly love my Ichigo shoes co. family!! Vist them on facebook HERE for more of the latest and trendiest shoes!

The chain necklace is from Terranova,I got this on sale for php 65.00 only! Best buy right? :)

This piece gave the outfit the "drama".The flowy maxi skirt. This is from Pure trendz. 
I'm hooked with their shop lately,they have many pieces that are so stylish and affordy! 
Thanks again Pure trendz for sending this gift! Like them guys HERE.

My look:
sandals: ichigo shoes co. | top: fabchic shop | maxi skirt: pure trendz | necklace: terranova

That's it for my ensemble today, now we go to my only daughter Pauline.

Here,she is wearing another piece sent over. I haven't put it up for an outfit post yet,
but Pauline was really eager to do it for me. I promise to have it on a outfit post soon too! 
Excited much lang ang anak ko,pagbigyan! haha 

The rompers is from Little Spoiled Brat. It's a comfortable piece ideal for on the go lakads. 
The print "paris" made it cool! You can visit them on facebook HERE.
 I paired the rompers with a teal vest to make the peg more "teen",so it's bagay for here age. :)

Pauline's look:
watch: casio | ombre sneakers: kicks by sm | rompers: little spoiled brat | vest: forever 21 | cat ear headband: anagon

She loves Anagon's collection! So cutey and cool! :) 

What a happy kid!! Stay that way baby! Mom loves you muchy! mwah

And were off to the bazzaar! See you on our next post!



  1. What? She's your daughter? If I haven't read the caption I would think that she's your bff. You look so young and pretty. I think you're a cool mom.


    1. yes!I'm a proud mom of a 17 year old teenager! :) thank you sweetie! godbless

  2. Lovely Mother and Daughter ♥♥♥

    1. Thank you so much Ichigo. :)Your comment made my day :)

  3. this was the first time I met you personally! Grabe hindi parin ako makapaniwala, you look like sisters :) you are very pretty and sexy! :)

    1. aw,thank you so much rovie! It was nice meeting you,haha sexy? that's you dear!! luv ur bod! :)