rev event: building bridges between tech buffs and stylistas

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The REV: Function,Style and Intergration. It's an event made possible by the THINKSCAPE team, the people behind COOKOO watches. It was held last Sept 11,8pm, at the Exit bar in Makati City.

A room full of people from all walks of life. Guests are representatives and colleagues from technology companies like Apple and much more. There were also people from Media; summit media,and other publishing companies. Celebrities were there too!
Fashionistas and Tech buffs were all on the same roof! Cool right?

 Here, Thinkscape team gave us the oppurtunity to try out their latest products. I'll be taking into further details later...

It's time for cocktails and drinks while chit chatting. The night was filled with fun and excitement. 
Honestly, I'm thrilled I have met people who were so great! I learned so much from them. 

And here are the amazing products presented. The COOKOO watch. This is already out in the  market. Get connected anytime,anywhere!  Missed to answer a call or an email coz your phone was in your pocket or bag? 
Well,this watch is the solution! COOKOO watch lets you be in touch all the time!
Plus the fact that it's so light and it comes in several colors that I'm sure you'll love! My personal fave is the white one. :)

The Pursecase, Locofoto, Phonesuit,Solio,Lenmar Meridian and the Dream cheeky I play piano are the products that were launched. 
It will be out on the market soon. 

The Phonesuit flex is a wireless charger that gives you the hassle free feeling from all those cords and wires you bring along for you to charge up your iphone. Inside its compact aluminum shell is a powerful  2600 mAh battery. It's so small and handy it can fit into anyone's pockets or purse. With this brilliant gadget,your iphone can live up to 2 days of battery life without touching an electric outlet. 
Want to know more about it? click HERE.

The Locofoto,It's a super wide camera lens for any android phone.It's 0.4x camera lens for those selfies that can be shot on wider range, so cool! It's compatible to any smartphones and tablets.In comes in vibrant colors: red,blue,metallic grey,green and limited edition gold. More about it HERE.

The Lenmar Meridian, It's a phonecase with a built in battery. It gives our gadget up to 2x battery life. Hassle free of getting into the sitch that your phone is totally drained! This piece is a must have!
More about it HERE.

The Solio,or I must say,plug into the sun. No power charge at the middle of the beach? Worry no more,Solio is here. No electricity needed,You just have to have the sunlight so you can have your gadgets charged up! Know more about this innovation HERE.

The Purse case,the ladies next BFF! Have you ever experienced the feeling that your'e at the party or an event that you can't bring your whole bag with your thingys inside? This purse is the answer to those "us girls dilemma! The purse comes with a case that gives the space for your gadget,money,cards, etc.It has a compact mirror for that fashion emergencies! This purse is made of high quality silicone material which gives the high protection for your gadget. It comes with pretty colors too that you will surely love. 
Click in HERE to know more about it.

The Dream Cheeky Iplay Piano. Using a bluetooth, this 3 octave piano with full sized keys connects wirelessly to your ipod touch,iphone or ipad. Sounds interesting? Click in HERE.

The celebrity hosts/guests for the night was Ms. Abad of and Mr. Chuckie Dreyfus. 
They are also the ambassadors of Cookoo watches and products of Thinkscape. 

With Mr. Chuckie Dreyfus.The product ambassador.

With Mr. Hans Kenner Fernandez, The genius man behind the Thinkscape team.

With the events organizers,the pretty ladies, Ms.Ana Reyes and Lala Reyes. 

With the pretty top fashion blogger,Ms. Laureen Uy.

Soo..It's a wrap! I'm so happy to be a part of this event. Before, I had no idea in techy thingys,but now,I'm definitely interested in purchasing my own! So innovative and amazing! Truly,building bridges between Techy buffs and stylistas. 

You can learn more about THINKSCAPE and their cool stuffs HERE.
Thank you so much again guys for having me,truly an event to be remembered. Till next!


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