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Friday, September 13, 2013

My baby is bloggin again! This time I asked her to do it for me.. Thank you sweetie!  Actually the reason behind it it's because I really wanted to do this outfit post of the top and shorts that a generous sponsor sent,however,due to my "fat" body hehe, The pieces doesn't fit me.. so sad.. I really like it pa naman..My daughter liked it too,so tadda! problem solved! She will make the ootd for me! haha
 I wish I had that body too! I promise to work on that! gym,diet, we meet again! phoew!

She wore the top here fom Mzd14nn3shop an online shop from Instagram. It's a terno with a cool shorts, but we wanted to make several outtfitey wearing the cool pieces. So here,we paired it with ombre shorts to make the ensemble cute. I guess? :)

cat top: mzd14nn3shop | ombre shorts: topshop | ombre sneakers: SM | floral crown: girlshoppe

The top and the terno shorts are just pure cuteness! You want to have those? Follow mzd14nn3shop HERE.
Thank you so much guys! I'll be posting my OOTD wearing your pieces soon!  :)

And that's it! I do hope you like my baby's OOTD!
You can follow her IG HERE.

Byee for now! Next post,ako naman! haha :) Thanks for visiting us!

xx,jaq and pauline 

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