marilyn Monroe

Friday, September 20, 2013

And we can't stop and we won't stop.. haha my lss this past few days.. I like the message of the song of Miley Cyrus. 
The message sinks in through me,that what ever is that people think about you,just don't stop. 
Keep your head up, as long as you are doing nothing wrong,just believe in yourself.

Wore an outfit that is totally comfy and yet stylish for today. It was a gloomy day again but this won't stop us from doing an OOTD! hehe

Yet wore a shades. haha to give an oomph to the outfitey lang! 

The top is really cute! Got it from the 3 day sale from Artwork last Sunday. This was cut into 50% off the price amazing right? 
I love best deals!! Marilyn Monroe was a definite steal!

shades: fabchic shop | top: artwork | origami skorts: the sweet cloth | watch: guess | ring: personalized accessories | heels: forever 21

Cool blogger ring from Personalized accessories.. I adore it! Thanks guys! Like them on facebook HERE.

I'm loving this skorts from The Sweet Cloth. Its so comfortable,the material is also high quality,I love the color as well. 
It complimented my skin color..What you think?  Thank you Ms.Loren of the Sweet Cloth for this. More OOTD's soon! More power! 
You can look them up on facebook HERE.

For the past posts I had,I think I haven't given credits to my photographer..Maybe some of you are wondering who took my photos right? Well,I will now give my super duper thanks to my boyfriend,bestfriend and partner in life, Mr.Jordan Go for having a huge amount of patience taking my photos! haha arte much lang ba? Well,you are a good photog! Keep up the good work! 
Thank you soo much! Mwah hugs! :)

Just punching, one proud blogger here.teehee!
That's it! Feel free to comment down below guys!
luv yah!



  1. perfect outfit babe! the top and skirt goes very well! wish i can rock skirts like you do! i love monroe too! =)

    1. Thanks darling! I'm sure you can pull it off too! :) Monroe rocks! teehee! :)

  2. sis why are you so pretty ? sakit na ba yan pahawa nga ako? hahaha im super inggit sa top mo ganda i reaally love manilyn monroe!!! kaya bibili din ako nyan ha ?? "gaya gaya ang peg ko ngayon" ganda ganda ng outfit mo for sure di nmn bagay sakin yan hahaha sayo lang!! hehe love you sis mwuahh!! :))

    1. aw,so sweet sis! im sure supperr bagay to sayo noh!! luv yah!! :)

  3. I Super love your top! plus you so gorgeous!