golden rose skincare review: gluta arbutin set

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A whiter, fairer, pinkish glowing skin. This is what we want to achieve. We have tried several products but failed us. To tell you guys honestly, I have never tried any product that has something to do with skincare. It's for the reason that I have sensitive skin. 
I just use dove or Ivory soaps for my body and mild moisturizing lotions. 
But was intrigued and interested on what Golden Rose Skincare has to offer.

The set is composed of the following: a GLUTA ARBUTIN soap,body lotion,cream and powder. 
Gluta from the word Glutathione, is a very good anti oxidant,it repairs damaged skin cells and gives a skin whitening effect. Arbutin on the other hand is a component that is extracted from the bearberry plant. It prevents the production of melanin, the pigment that defines the skin color. Thus,Arbutin is used as a skin lightening agent.

The lotion is used for the entire body. The cream is for the face for a pinkish white glow.
The scent is somewhat like floral. It smells good! :)

The powder is applied after taking a shower,while your body is still damp or wet. 
Lather it into your skin and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. Then wash it with water. 

Here,I took some photos to document my review of the product. The upper photo is the BEFORE and the bottom is the AFTER. I used the products,soap,powder and lotion. I tried it on my left arm and observed the effects for almost 2 weeks. As you can see,it has a significant difference.The effects of the products may vary to all skin types. 
For best results,ask your dermatologist first before using any skincare products.

For any inquiries about Golden Rose Skincare,look them up on facebook HERE.

So,that's about it guys! Thanks for dropping by my humble blog. Till next product review! 


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