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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hiyee! I'm so excited to make the first post on Styledom wears Naleigh. Naleigh shop is one of the good sponsors who trusted my blog. From the first month and till now we turned a year old! And now,in line with my anniversary,we bring you looks by Naleigh and me. :) For the whole month of September, which is the month of my anniversary by the way,we will be showcasing outfits that features Naleigh shoes. Today,I'm wearing one of those gorg shoes! 

Wore this outfitey for the Blogger's united 5 victory party part 2 held at the Mall of Asia last Aug 28,2013.
I opted to wear the comfiest get up I can come up with since we will be having so much activities. 
oh by the way,photos were taken near manila bay so pardon me for the wind blown hair! hehe

Wore this origami skorts from Bellevous,It's starting to be my favorite,isn't it obvious? It's so comfortable to wear and it's stylish as well.

Arm candies pops up any outfit. This is my fave too! This is from Zoe's hub. Like them on facebook HERE.

top: robinsons galleria | bag: cmg | armcandies: zoe's hub | origami skorts: bellevous 
pearl eyeglasess: sm accessories | jayden flats: naleigh

And tadda! here's a Naleigh baby,Jayden flats in mint green or teal. One word for this pair, Perfect! It's so comfortable and the I love the design. I remember the first time I saw this darling, it was at the Shoe In love bazaar,from that day forward I knew we were soulmates! hihi Like Naleigh on facebook HERE

I will be taking you to the Blogger's United 5 victory party in my next blog posts.. Stay tuned dears! :)

For now,I'm just enjoying the moment with my Naleigh shoes,hihi drama queen? 
Thank you so much guys for this. 

Photos taken by my co blogger friend, Yanna dela cruz. Thank you girl! :)

Much to be awaited for in this month of September! A grand giveaway is also up so don't forget to join and win! click in the giveaways tab on the upper tool bar for deets! Thanks again guys! 



  1. nice minty and pastel style vibe. such a happy outfit post. way to go jaqui! :)

    1. hi sef! aw,thank you! I'm into mints right now! hehe see you around! :)