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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Baby Pauline is so back! Haha maybe some of you guys are waiting for her outfit posts not mine..
tampo agad agad? hehe but it's okay baby ko yan eh! lol :)

She wore this ensemble for a bazaar hopping. Wanted to wear the comfiest ensemble she can get! 
So the solution: loose top,shorts and oxfords. Accessorize with arm candies and she's good to go!

So loving the loose top from Bellevous. It's comfortable to wear. This top is ideal for our weather which is by the way,so unpredictable. 
It can be both comfy even if its on a hot summer day or a gloomy one. The style fits all sizes too! Not to mention,the colors! 
Pretty as a rainbow! :) Thanks Bellevous! Like them on facebook HERE.

Her arm candies are composed of several shops: The teal bow one is from Aldo,the mallow bracelets are from Simone's closet and the peace arm candy bracelet is from Bellevous. Put it all together and taddaa! 
A colorful,vibrant outfit! Thank you again Simone's closet,like them on facebook HERE.

top: bellevous |  shorts: little spoiled brat | personalized necklace: anagon collection | oxfords: sm parisian 

Her shorts is fom Little Spoiled brat. I personally love this piece! unfortunately,It doesn't fit me well. :( 
I need to loose more weight daw.haha The color is so unique! The style is also a trend: tattered,distressed. 
Thank you Little Spoiled brat for this! Like them on facebook HERE.

Peace out! Till next post from my baby! 



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