boyfriend meets girlfriend

Saturday, September 21, 2013

And here's to another day of work and errands. I admit,I'm a whiner..But you know what? this may sound funny,last night,I watched Insidious 2.It was a good movie and I learned something from it. It's not actually an inspirational film,it's a horror film,but there's this one scene where in Parker,the "bad spirit" said "You don't have any idea how it is to be dead,you should treasure all the things you are experiencing right now while you're still breathing and alive!" So,just a thought,hey,he is right! 
We should make every day,every minute count.-While we are still alive.

Having tons of duties and work to do is a blessing! We get to have a source of living. Sometimes,people wary that they are loaded and toxic with chores and responsibilities. This is better than to sit around unproductive right?

For my outfit for today,like I said, It was  a busy,toxic day for me,I opted to wear clothes that 
I can move around but stylish and presentable as well. 

I'm in love again! (sigh) haha but this time with this boyfriend jeans from Highfive brands. The fitting it just right. Boyfriend jeans are supposed to be baggy and loose,but It's not my peg! I wanted the fit that snugs just right in my hipline and loose on my legs.
 I got the size small so it will achieve the fit I wanted. But It's really up to the person If she likes it loose.
You can always choose sizes,get the size larger than your usual so it will have the loose effect.
 The tattered details made it more trendy and chic.I love this piece. Thank you so much Highfive Brands for this.
 Look them up on facebook HERE.

Another piece that is "me". The pointed double ankle strap flats from Tonic. This is my personality,a little bit edgy yet classy. 
When I saw this, I had no second thoughts on having my own pair,I was so right!  
It's comfortable to wear,happy feet indeed! Like Tonic on facebook HERE.

top: forever 21 | jeans: highfive brands | ankle strap flats: tonic | cross necklace: forever 21 | camouflage bag: mango 

Pardon me for the back round,the vehicles and all..Just wanted to try something new.

Change is sometimes good. We learn from it. :)



  1. OMG! You are so pretty! Love the ripped jeans + pointed shoes combo!


  2. Looks really comfortable and stylish at the same time. Just right for a busy day for you.

  3. Looove the contrast between the destroyed boyfriend-style denim and those loose waves :) The shoes were also a good match

    1. Hi tory! thank you! glad u liked my ootd! :) till next!

  4. i totally need to get a BF Jeans soon! looks awesome! you look great in pants and everything babe!

    1. Thanks maryjane!! :) I'm actually not a fan of jeans but I tried it for a change. I'm glad you liked it! :) take care sweetie! :)

  5. although my be minimalistically done, the clothes are very well put together! :)

  6. Girl bet ko talaga ang shoes mo! Flats pa talaga.Stylish at the same time. With the see through top. Yay so sexy!

    1. haha thank u sis! as in see thru! nilamig ako jan! chos! :) harhar!